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Return to Animalia perhaps might be designated as 'extreme politics' regarding Australia at this point in time... its internal feuds and its responses to external world pressures. Tom Law certainly hits one in the face with his blunt analysis and will undoubtedly challenge apparently well held views and belief systems. We live in uncertain times where many of the threats and fears since the end of WWII have not dissipated. A tome to make one sit up and reappraise the realities of those 'slings and arrows' encountered each day of our lives in a complex world.
Elementum Carbone 2nd Edition explores the environment and what we can do to possibly save it over the coming decades. Gives a historical perspective on the Earth's evolution and prior catastrophes, particularly the delicate balance of the atmosphere and all that lives below it.
guns and gun ownership is currently in focus after recent massacres and police killings. Tom takes a hard look at the facts and proffers the Australian model ... the second ammendment... is it now time to move on from this 18th century value to a more sensible interpretation fitting for 21st century living? Politicians and law makers must listen to the voices of reason if the carnage is to cease!
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Nuclear Islam  3rd edition is far more comprehensive than its predecessors with a lot of new material, particularly regarding the rise of ISIS and the cruel conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. However, the message remains the same that the world is drawing ever nearer to an horrific nuclear conflict unless political changes occur soon. The author makes various suggestions on how the individual might survive. There is hope yet ! 

Due to human folly, the writing leads us to the world's end with perhaps the survival of just a few reverting to a pre high tech existence. The storyline is interwoven with political outpourings, observations and graffiti ramblings. Sequence is a problem as factual narrative merges into drama, futuristic fantasy and prediction. So be warned: the flow is deceptive as the text is driven into cataracts, over waterfalls and through chasms lined with sharp rocks and oblique boulders. The writing is at times confused, abstract and didactic.. in other words, unconventional!

The title 'In Ya Face' came about from a close friend who, on viewing some of Tom's twitter posts, thought they were a little aggressive and bordering on the offensive! This then is the resulting collection of a proportion of Tom Law's posts for 2017. It was a rocky year with a kaleidoscope of political shenanigans going on around the world some of which are captured here. Hopefully of entertainment value!

An extremely short booklet containing the wisdom titled Tears from a Persian Rose. It comprises a collection of religious phrases as a guide to the safety, well being and general happiness of humans living upon this Earth. Most of the advice (or perhaps better described as a series of life values) cannot be dated precisely and owe their origins to a variety of ancient works such as the Torah and Old Testament biblical scripts.