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Scotland's Choice is a comment on the Scottish Referendum on Independence in the form of a collection of cartoons. Not to be taken too seriously, expressly for entertainment!
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The internet is awash with scammers and deceivers wanting you to dig deep and send them money for a reward... generally nothing! Tom Law examines several ways of identifying scammers and their stock in trade often received as unwanted emails. Some are obvious to most but others almost seem genuine accompanied with fake documents etc. to draw you in. The internet brides look alluring and often pretty... but what you get is often not what you see! A sometimes humorous exposure to the con artist with deadly intent, Tom Law provides sufficient warning to the cruel reality of the sophisticated take and artistry.
Tom lived and worked in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China for six years. During this time he made many observations about this vibrant and emerging country, its peoples and diverse environments. At the same time there were the beginnings of calamities occurring in the world that Tom felt compelled to paint with words and verse! Its all here in his China Collection.

An extremely short booklet containing the wisdom titled 'Tears from a Persian Rose'. It comprises a collection of religious phrases as a guide to the safety, well being and general happiness of humans living upon this Earth. Most of the advice (or perhaps better described as a series of life values) cannot be dated precisely and owe their origins to a variety of ancient works such as the Torah and Old Testament biblical scriptures.

How can I get my readers interested in the plight of a forgotten minority Islamic people living in Western China? Who is going to spare them a thought let alone speak up for them and support them in their quest for a homeland? I speak of the Uyghurs, rocketed to the front pages across the world after riots on July 6th 2009 resulting in the deaths of a few hundred people and a further two thousand injured. 'All on that Day' tells this story .

eautiful Russian and Ukranian brides for the unwary man living in the West? But communication and your credit card must be handled with care as so many are just part of a scam. Never the less some are indeed genuine and happiness may be found!