About The Author

T om Law was born in Glasgow a very long time. He migrated to Melbourne, Australia, with his parents in 1961 where he completed his education at Melbourne High School and later at Monash University. He describes his academic progress as chequered. "The problem with education is that it can get in the way of living..." but Tom never lets the dust settle under his feet and seriously views learning as his life-blood along with exploration of everything. Tom Law has lived on and off in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia for a period of nigh on forty years. As a teacher of physics and chemistry he has worked in many different countries, Indonesia and China in particular. 
He has been a poet, songwritter, teacher and builder of boats and stone houses. Tom has two adult sons by his first marriage and is now remarried to an Indonesian lady with a daughter and son. His favorite haunt is the more remote forests, valleys, streams and chasms of the Highlands in Eastern Victoria, Australia.
Hobbies include sailing, folk music, writing, walking and dreaming ..... but mostly dreaming.

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