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What have we done indeed? Tom Law's latest book is about contemporary wars and the evil of the armaments industries where profit looms large over human lives. But mostly, it is about the urgent need to eliminate nuclear weapons. There have been many organisations across the world with the same intent but always to be frustrated by the superpowers and their generals! Tom is vehement in his argument that change will only come about by the dedicated application of international humanitarian law at the United Nations General Assembly. International law and a constant 'demand' by people is the best way forward to bring this goal to fruition. Time is short if humanity is to avert some final catastrophic conflict ending civilisation upon the planet.



My new friend Gerald said "Look Chas, I have a nice little block of three acres next to the creek just a few miles out of town. It is a little wild like your beard and hair but it would be ideal for you and your little family to build your dream house. Why don't you come and look at it with me after school?"
I did not wish to refuse this kind offer and politely agreed to take a look.
The block was adjacent to an old gold mine, much overgrown with tea-tree and was on the forest side of the creek. Certainly a quiet and secluded haven with birds and wildlife a-plenty. There was a large river flat of at least two acres. Immediately I could see its potential with a little hard work. A singing creek close by and space enough for a house and garden. I must admit I was taken with it straight
away. It was just perfect!



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The Building of Brambly Cottage
Escaping to the country in the 1980s we see several families building their dream homes and forging a new life among the forests and mountains of East Gippsland, Victoria Australia.
This is a well illustrated and informative book on different approaches by 'owner builders' searching for a safer and healthier life style.
Brexit has come and the UK must move on to new ground and face new challenges. Will Scotland try for Independence in a second referendum? Well, Ms Sturgeon of the SNP certainly indicates that is the path she wishes to take. So is there a chance that the UK will become disunited? One hopes not. All these choices are discussedhere along with cartoons proffering various arguments and outcomes in an unlikely Braksit!
LOVE AND INSULTS:  Poetry not everyone's cup of tea... BUT here is a contemporary collection of Tom Law's poetry dealing with Love, Spirituality and Politics to delight and disturb the reader!
New second edition of Boy in Blue Raincoat with illustrations. Tom Law explores a brief window in time of the culture of a small remote rural community and its impact on the lives of outsiders that have chosen to join. An enjoyable read with sharp insight into the continuing Australian theme of the collision between the settlers settled and the newcomers.
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A very short book on the values and guidance for humans to live a safe and purposeful life on this Earth. Too many of us grow up without sensible and safe direction. Values here expressed are eternal for humankind!